The company employs certified NDT personnel and continuously invests in their professional training in the field of NDT testing of welded joints. We offer the following NDT tests:
  • Visual testing – VT2 EN ISO 17637
  • Penetrate testing – PT2 – ENISO 3452-1
  • Magnetic testing MT2
  • Ultrasonic testing – UT2
  • We offer radiographic testing in cooperation with 2 testing laboratories that are certified in accordance with EN ISO 17020, EN ISO 17025.
  • Testing of welded joints for the welding procedure certificate – WPQR in accordance with EN ISO 15613 and EN 15614.

As a recognized partner of Siemens Transformers S.r.L – Trento, Siemens Weiz Austria GmbH, SMIT Transformers BV, we offer IWE/EWE IWT/EWT, IWIP-C, mechanical engineering services as well as FROSIO level 3 and complete NDT services (including RT2, MT2, UT2, PT2, LT2, VT2 Personal). We also have an EN ISO 3834-3 certificate for welding services (we are currently in the process of certification according to 3834-2), as well as ISO 9001:2015, SCC** 2011 and HRN EN 15085-2:2020 certificates.

NDT Third party inspection as a non-destructive inspection of welded joints is carried out by our own certified personnel using methods VT2 - visual inspection of welded joints, PT2 - penetrating inspection of welded joints, MT2 - magnetic inspection of welded joints and UT2 - inspection of welded joints. RT control of welded joints is carried out with our partners and we have two laboratories in cooperation with which we offer this service to our clients. We offer the implementation of all NDT methods "in House" and in the field.

Companies for which we delivered:

  • Siemens Energy
  • KMF STM production Gmbh
  • Končar Metalne konstrukcije d.d.
  • Pre Zero Polymers Austria GmbH
  • KOLEKTOR ETRA d.o.o.
  • UNIOR kovaška industrija d.d.
  • K-Tech d.o.o.
  • Staalbouw Mook B.V.
  • NDK D.o.o.
  • Sinitech d.o.o.